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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Animal Services



DuPage County Animal Services does not receive tax dollars and is completely self-supported. The following fees support our efforts to care for over 2,500 animals every year. All current fees are reflected below.

Animal Services will charge an additional $10 fee for microchip registration on any dog or cat adopted or reclaimed from our facility.  Additionally, fees for rabies registration and relinquishment of unaltered (un-spayed or un-neutered) animals differ from those for intact animals.  

DuPage County Registration Fees

Registration  Fees
1 Year Tag - Spayed/Neutered Animal (or < 1 yr. old)$15.00 
1 Year Tag - Intact Animal (1 yr. or older)$40.00
3 Year Tag - Spayed/Neutered Animal ( < 1 yr. old can only be issued a 1 Year Tag)                                                    $40.00 
3 Year Tag - Intact Animal (1 yr. or older)$90.00
Replacement Tag (1 or 3 Year) $5.00
New County Resident with Current Out of County Tag    $6.00

Reclaim Fees

Reclaim Fees  Fees
Impound Fee With I.D. (includes Microchip) $75.00
Impound Fee Without I.D. $100.00
Impound Fee Out of County (with or without ID) $125.00
Subsequent Impounds Within a Year$100.00
State Intact (Un-spayed / Un-neutered) Animal Fee $25.00
Rabies Vaccine (1 yr.) $15.00
Bordetella Shot $15.00
Distemper Shot $15.00
Board per day for Dog/Cat/Small Animal $15.00
Warden Pickup per Animal $75.00
After Hours Warden Pickup $100.00
Microchip Implant $10.00
Microchip Registration $10.00

Adoption Fees

Adoption Fees  Fees
Adoption Fees for a Dog 6 months or older with Microchip Registration


Adoption Fee for Dog 6 Years or Older w/Microchip Registration$60.00
Adoption Fee for Puppies 6 Months or Younger with Microchip Registration $210.00 
Adoption Fee for Adult Cats 6 months to 10 years of age with Microchip Registration $60.00
Adoption Fee for Cat 10 Years or Older with Microchip Registration$11.00
Adoption Fee for Kitten under 6 months of age with Microchip Registration$110.00

Adoption Fee for two Kittens less than 6 months of age adopted together with Microchip Registration  

$170.00 for the pair

Adoption Fee for Feral/Un-Socialized Cats$10
Guinea pigs, parakeets, canaries, hamsters  $5.00
Ferret, exotic bird, reptile, etc..$25.00

Microchipping Fees

Microchip and Registration$20.00
Microchip Registration Fee$10.00

Surrender Fees

Surrender Fees   Fees
Dog or Cat (Spayed/Neutered) - DuPage County Resident $25.00
Dog or Cat (Intact) - DuPage County Resident$35.00
Dog or Cat (Spayed/Neutered) - Out of County Resident$50.00
Dog or Cat (Intact) - Out of County Resident$60.00
Rabbit, Ferret, Exotic Bird, Reptile - DuPage County Resident$10.00
Other Small Pet (with cage) - DuPage County Resident$5.00
All Other Out of County Surrender (per animal)$50.00

Dog and Cat Litter Fees

Litters - Dogs and CatsFees
Nursing Mom $25.00
Each puppy/kitten$5.00