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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Bill White
County Auditor

As the County's only independently elected officer responsible for evaluating and reporting on County operations, the County Auditor conducts internal audits of the operating departments, systems and internal controls under the jurisdiction of the DuPage County Board and eight County-wide Elected Officials. The Auditor evaluates how County resources/assets are protected, used and recorded; how and where County money is spent; and how County departments are operating. The Auditor prepares recommendations for improving systems and processes.

Who We Audit 

Illinois Statutes prescribe what agencies the County Auditor is responsible to audit.   

  • The departments and programs under the jurisdiction of the DuPage County Board 
  • Most of the operations of the following eight County-wide Elected Officials: 
    • Clerk of the Circuit Court
    • County Clerk
    • County Coroner
    • County Recorder
    • Regional Office of Education
    • County Sheriff
    • State's Attorney
    • County Treasurer

 Who We Don't Audit 

The County Auditor does not have the statutory authority to audit the following agencies: 

  • College of DuPage
  • DuPage County Airport Authority 
  • DuPage County Forest Preserve 
  • DuPage County Health Department 
  • DuPage Housing Authority 
  • DuPage Water Commission - Per Illinois Statute, the Water Commission is required to furnish the County Auditor with a copy of their Annual Financial Report.  A copy of this Report is available for viewing in the County Auditor's Office or on the DuPage Water Commission website.

The County Auditor initiated the Audit Hotline to facilitate the reporting of information regarding observations of waste, fraud and misuse of resources related to County operations and programs. Oftentimes, information is also provided about non-County agencies.  For those operations under the jurisdiction of the County Board or an Elected Official, audit procedures are performed relative to these allegations. For non-County agencies, an assessment is performed to determine the validity of the allegation and any possible impact upon a County operation.  When appropriate, these latter inquiries are referred to the responsible agency or investigative authority. 

The Auditor is responsible for auditing vouchers to be paid by the County Board and recommending their payment or rejection. The Auditor reports quarterly on the entire financial operations of the County, including revenues, expenditures, encumbrances, and changes in fund balance for the County's operating funds. The Quarterly Financial Reports are available here.


County Auditor Bill White is a strong advocate of transparency in government. Accordingly, the Auditor's Office provides detailed expenditure reports listing County payments on a monthly basis. This provides timely and pertinent information about County operations to the citizens and taxpayers of DuPage County. Please refer to the County Auditor's Checkbook Online webpage for more information.

In an effort to enhance County government transparency and assist DuPage County residents in locating various County data within the County's website, the Auditor's Office has developed a webpage dedicated to providing easy access to key County data. You can access this transparency tool via the Auditor's Transparency Portal link found in the left navigation bar.

The Auditor has added budget information to the Departmental Expenditure Reports which are found on the County Auditor's Expenditure Reports webpage. The Reports include the current fiscal year budget appropriation for each department's budget category. The budget appropriation is updated monthly to reflect authorized changes to the appropriations.

If you suspect fraud, waste or abuse, call the AUDIT HOTLINE - 630-75-AUDIT (630-752-8348), AUDITHOTLINE@DUPAGECO.ORG