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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

 Audit Hotline - Because Good Government is Up to Us 

Audit HotlineIn DuPage County, every staff member and every elected official shares a common mission - providing efficient, effective, good government to the residents of our County.  Fraud, waste and the abuse or misuse of County assets interferes with our ability to accomplish this mission.  It is well established that an Audit Hotline is a key safeguard in our efforts to prevent fraud, waste and the abuse or misuse of County resources.

"As reported in the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners' (ACFE) 2020 Global Fraud Study, tips are consistently the most common fraud detection method.  The study found 43% of frauds were uncovered from tips, with employees being the most common source of tips. * * *  The presence of a reporting hotline has a substantial positive impact on how frauds are discovered.  According to the ACFE's study, organizations with a hotline saw a much higher likelihood that a fraud would be detected by a tip than organizations without a hotline."  [*Secretary of State Oregon Audits Division / Government Waste Hotline Calendar Year 2020 / June 2021 / Report 2021-18]

The Audit Hotline was first established in 2009.  Ever since, the Audit Hotline has provided a confidential and secure means to report evidence or suspicion of fraud, waste, or the misuse of County resources.  Nationwide experience with reporting hotlines indicates that tips most often come from employees however the Audit Hotline is available to everyone, including members of the public. 

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Hotline Operation

The Office of the DuPage County Auditor Bill White manages the Audit Hotline. Information can be provided in-person, by telephone, by email or through use of a secure web portal.  During business hours, a member of the Auditor's staff will answer the phone, if available.  Otherwise, a voicemail can be left.  Calls made outside of business hours will be directed to voicemail.  Of course, reports or concerns can always be sent the old-fashioned way, through the US postal system. 

Each report received through the Audit Hotline will be evaluated by professional staff.  If the individual submitting information through the Audit Hotline chooses to provide contact information, we may request additional information.  After evaluation, a course of action will be chosen based on the specific facts and circumstances of each situation.  This can include opening an internal audit file and/or referral to other agencies such as the Sheriff, State's Attorney, or other appropriate investigatory agencies.


The policy of the Office of the DuPage County Auditor is that information received through the Audit Hotline is considered internal work papers of the Office.  Our policy is to never disclose such information outside of this Office unless required by law or as needed to facilitate investigations following referral to outside agencies.  

Audit Hotline - Call 630-75-AUDIT (630-752-8348)