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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

DuPage County Auditor - Freedom of Information Act Disclosure

The Office of the County Auditor performs the statutory duties in an effective and efficient manner, with a continued commitment to integrity, objectivity, and professionalism. The Office provides the citizens and taxpayers with accountability and financial disclosure of County government activities, and an independent evaluation of County operations. The Illinois Compiled Statutes prescribe that the role of the Office of the County Auditor includes: maintaining a continuous internal audit of the operations and financial records of the County; auditing all vouchers and payment requests and recommending to the County Board the payment or rejection of these items; auditing amounts billed to the County under contracts with outside vendors; and issuing reports on the financial operations of the County on a quarterly basis.

orgChart Auditor

Fiscal Year 2023 Approved Annual Operating Budget, $626,666

Number of Full Time Employees, 7

FOIA Requests

A request for information can be made by completing and submitting the Freedom of Information Act Request Form.

Contact the Office of the County Auditor Freedom of Information Act Officers:

Bill White, J.D.,, 630-407-6095

Sandra Scheel, CPA,, 630-407-6094

Mail or Fax:
DuPage County Auditor

421 N County Farm Road  
Wheaton, IL  60187

Fax: 630-407-6076