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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Family Center


Transitional Exchange

The purpose of the Transition Exchange Program is to provide professional support to the family as well as knowledge to the court while a family transitions to a different parenting plan or transitions away from court involvement. Often families move from one parenting time schedule to another with little or no difficulty. Sometimes, though, families need assistance with the transition to a different, often less restrictive, schedule. The Transitional Exchange Program can provide that assistance by developing relationships with parents and children, assisting with communication, aiding in conflict resolution and communicating to court and attorneys when necessary. In the Transitional Exchange Program, the process is very similar to the Neutral Exchange process -- the movement of children from one parent to the other is facilitated by Family Center staff and no contact between parents occurs. The Transitional Exchange Program builds in additional time and staff involvement to help the family transition. Family Center staff engages with the children and with each parent separately so that issues can be identified and addressed. If ordered by the court to do so, the Family Center provides the court with a written report regarding observations and issues identified by the family.

The Transitional Exchange Program is designed to be short-term. Families are involved with this program for approximately three months and then may no longer use the Family Center or may move on to the Neutral Exchange Program.