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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

DuPage County Family Center Overview

The DuPage County Family Center provides services for families in which the parents live apart. Some of the families we serve are in the process of divorce, others have never been married to each other, some have been apart for years and some may still be married but are living separately. All of the families we serve have children and are, or have been, in the court system where they received a court order to services at the Family Center. The Family Center provides the parent education mandated for all divorcing and never married parents, mediation, supervised visitation, neutral exchange, transitional exchange and the PEACE Program conflict resolution group. Regardless of the service provided, all Family Center families are in transition and are likely to be struggling with significant disruptions in their lives. Through this difficult time, the Family Center strives to help parents manage their conflict and stay focused on the needs of their children.


We strongly believe that all children have a need and a right to share a relationship with both of their parents. It is our goal to reach out to families in DuPage County to help them achieve cooperative parenting that focuses on the needs of the children. The DuPage County Family Center strives to establish, maintain, and enhance familial relationships.

Mandated Co-Parent Education

We provide programs for building and enhancing relationships between parents and their children.

Register for Court-Mandated Parent Education classes

  • Classroom delivery of Caring, Coping and Children (CCC)
  • Classroom delivery of Parents and Kids Seminar (PAK)
  • Online Co-Parenting Course (CPC)
  • Online Co-Parenting Course (CPC) - Español

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