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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Adult Protective Services

DuPage County Senior Services responds to all reports of suspected abuse or self-neglect of persons with disabilities age 18-59 and those age 60 and over in DuPage County, that occurred in a domestic setting.  Adult Protective Services case workers strive to help resolve the abusive situation. Interventions (agreed upon by the victim) may include home health care, nutrition services, financial or legal assistance, adult day care, housing assistance, respite (for the caregiver), counseling for the victim and/or abuser, emergency assistance, long-term care resources, and when needed, guardianship.  Abuse can include physical abuse, emotional abuse, financial exploitation, neglect, confinement and sexual abuse.

Reports of self-neglect include an eligible adult's inability to perform essential self-care tasks that threaten the individual's own health, including;  providing basic food, clothing, shelter and health care to maintain physical health, mental and emotional health and general safety.  Some indicators of self-neglect include hoarding, disconnected utilities, home in disrepair, uncared for pets, lack of food despite adequate finances and unsanitary or hazardous living conditions.

Professionals working with persons with disabilities or older adults who are suspected of being abused, neglected or financially exploited but who are unable, due to dysfunction, to report for themselves are mandated reporters as defined by the Illinois Adult Protective Services Act.

To report suspected abuse, or if you need additional information on this program, please call (630) 407-6500 or 1-800-942-9412, Monday through Friday 8:00 A.M. - 4:30 P.M.  After hours and on weekends, call 1-866-800-1409.

All Calls Are Confidential. The law preserves reporters anonymity and protects them from civil or criminal liability.