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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Press Release

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Cronin Proposes Fourth County Budget with No Property Tax Increase

Calling for a more efficient and smarter form of government, DuPage County Board Chairman Dan Cronin presented a Fiscal Year 2015 budget that reduces spending and holds the line on property taxes.

“As I enter my fourth budget season as chairman, I believe there’s reason for us to take pride in many accomplishments,” said Cronin. “We’re not alone in acknowledging all DuPage has to offer. This summer the New York Times ranked DuPage as the easiest county in which to live in Illinois, and one of the top easiest counties to live in the United States. We’re happy to accept the accolades and acknowledge that much of this designation has to do with the work we do every day to grow and improve our local economy, while at the same time, serving those who need our help.”

Cronin said the uptick in the economy has prompted many of these accomplishments outlined in the rankings. For example, DuPage County’s unemployment rate is not only the lowest among the collar counties at 5.5 percent, but it is also one full percentage point lower than the state’s rating. In addition, more than 100 new economic projects have located in DuPage County, including investments of more than $1 million and over 2,500 jobs.

“I believe we are reaping the fruits of an economic strategy that served us well during the Great Recession. We tightened our belts when it made sense, kept our property tax flat, yet never skimped on services to our citizens who needed them. We made them our priority. We will continue to employ this very prudent fiscal strategy while being mindful of the priorities of our community,” he said.

Cronin’s budget proposal reduces expenditures, while maintaining service levels. The proposed FY 2015 spending plan is $447.2 million, which is $26.5 million less than last year’s budget of $473.7 million. Since taking office in December 2010, Cronin has cut more than $30.5 million from the county’s budget.

The budget also holds the line on property taxes. Cronin said the property tax level will remain flat at $66.6 million for the fourth year in a row under his administration.

The budget also includes $55.3 million in capital projects for stormwater, drainage and road construction.

“I’ve outlined a program of fiscal restraint and creative, responsible use of taxpayer dollars that squeezes value out of each penny to provide the highest level of service possible for our citizens,” said Cronin.

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