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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Press Release

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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Cronin Proposes Fifth County Budget with No Property Tax Increase

Praising the County's efficient government amidst an uncertain budget scenario in Springfield, DuPage County Board Chairman Dan Cronin presented a Fiscal Year 2016 budget that reduces spending and holds the line on property taxes. 

"My fifth budget cycle as Chairman stands out as the first, maybe ever, when a DuPage County Chairman has set forth a budget proposal without an agreed-upon budget from Springfield. This very unusual situation has certainly presented us with financial planning challenges," said Cronin. 
In his budget address, Cronin outlined the ways DuPage County has embraced government efficiency, cost-cutting and collaboration as a path to providing government service without seeking tax increases. Chairman Cronin said, "We offer up for your consideration a balanced budget using the resources taxpayers give us and ask for not one more dime.  We're living within our means, pursuing new ways to fund projects, including grants and public-private partnerships. We're optimizing best practices in management, procurement and operations to offer excellent community service for the same low cost, representing just three-percent of the average property tax bill."

Cronin's budget proposal reduces expenditures, while maintaining service levels. The proposed FY 2016 spending plan is $443.8 million, which is $5.7 million less than last year's approved budget of $449.5 million. Since taking office in December 2010, Cronin has cut more than $34 million from the county's budget. 

The budget also holds the line on property taxes. Cronin said the property tax level will remain flat at $66.9 million for the fifth year in a row under his administration. 

The budget also includes $56.5 million in capital projects for stormwater, drainage and road construction. 

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