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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Press Release

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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

DuPage County, COD, Glen Ellyn Officials Sign Agreement Transferring Inspections

The DuPage County Board, the College of DuPage (COD) and the Village of Glen Ellyn signed a new intergovernmental agreement today transferring the authority to perform building, zoning and liquor inspections at COD back to the Village.

This action follows a period of five years in which the County has overseen those responsibilities. Chairman Dan Cronin and the Board expressed their firm support for the new leadership at COD and the Village, and the strong desire to support collaboration among all entities. College of DuPage Chairman Deanne Mazzochi, President Dr. Ann Rondeau, Village of Glen Ellyn President Alex Demos and Glen Ellyn Village Manager Mark Franz appeared at the County Board’s regular April 11 meeting to thank the County for its vote to restore the authority to the Village of Glen Ellyn. 

The College of DuPage’s Board approved the agreement on March 16, and the Village Board approved it on March 13. The action by the DuPage County Board was the last remaining vote needed to finalize the change.  

In March 2012, the Village and COD agreed to transfer regulatory control to the county while keeping COD within the corporate limits of Glen Ellyn. That five-year agreement was forged by the late County Board member JR McBride from Glen Ellyn who sought to resolve disputes between the two, hoping a short-term agreement would give the entities time to resolve differences. At the County Board meeting, all three leaders said the new intergovernmental agreement was a testament to a renewed commitment to collaboration and putting the needs of residents and students first.

County Board Chairman Dan Cronin said, “We are thrilled to usher in a new era of cooperation among the County, College of DuPage and the Village of Glen Ellyn. As JR McBride knew, a short-term solution five years ago could pave the way for better, stronger relationships. And thanks to his wisdom, we can now look forward to a collaborative, successful relationship between the College and its host village. We are thrilled to bear witness and to have played a role in this process.” 

COD Board of Trustees Chairman Deanne Mazzochi said, “We appreciate that the County Board approved this last needed step for the College of DuPage and the Village of Glen Ellyn to move forward, return to a more productive relationship and restore administrative oversight to the unit of local government most vested in ensuring the College does things right. We believe this agreement reflects a commitment by the College and Village of Glen Ellyn leadership to keep relationships complementary, not contentious. We look forward to finding new opportunities to collaborate with Glen Ellyn to find mutually beneficial savings and synergies. DuPage County was a useful intermediary in the past, and we look forward to partnering with it in the future if and when the need arises.”  

Glen Ellyn Village President Alex Demos remarked, “This new agreement ensures a seamless transition back to Village jurisdiction as both the Village and COD intend to continue to collaborate and partner together all the while, supporting each other’s missions. We want to extend our sincere appreciation to the County for their support. Without their assistance and leadership, this would not have been possible.”

The intergovernmental agreement takes effect on June 30.