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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Press Release

Contact Information: Joan Olson (630) 407-6015 or Evan Shields (630) 407-6022

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

DuPage County Receives CRS Rating from FEMA

For the first time, DuPage County earned a rating in the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Community Rating System (CRS) program that can save unincorporated residents up to 20 percent on their flood insurance.

The Community Rating System (CRS) program credits government agencies for efforts that go above and beyond standard flood protection for property owners. Following evaluation, a community receives a rating on a scale from 1 to 10, and a corresponding reduction in FEMA’s National Flood Insurance Program premium is offered to the community’s residents.

DuPage County received a CRS rating of 6, meaning unincorporated residents in floodplains are eligible to receive up to a 20 percent discount on their flood insurance premiums. DuPage County officially became enrolled in the program Oct. 1.

“This is a tremendous victory for unincorporated DuPage County residents. We estimate having this CRS rating in place will save 751 unincorporated residents nearly $100,000 annually,” said County Board Chairman Dan Cronin.

The DuPage County Building and Zoning Division spearheaded the effort and received assistance from the Stormwater Management Department and the Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management.

“It’s incredibly difficult for a municipality to receive a CRS rating of 6 on its first attempt,” said Development Committee Chairman Sam Tornatore. “DuPage County has the third highest rating anywhere in the state of Illinois, and one of the highest ratings in the area.” 

“DuPage County has laid the ground work and provided tools other municipalities in the County can use to either improve their existing CRS rating or to apply for a rating for the first time. This is really a win-win for all DuPage County residents,” said Stormwater Management Committee Chairman Jim Zay.

Unincorporated residents who pay flood insurance should contact their insurance provider about how to save money due to DuPage’s new CRS rating.  For more information about Stormwater Management in DuPage visit