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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Press Release

Contact Information: Joan Olson (630) 407-6015 or Evan Shields (630) 407-6022

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Statement Regarding DuPage County Lawsuit Against Sterigenics

After asking the Illinois Attorney General to shut down the Sterigenics Willowbrook facility in early September, today DuPage County Board Chairman Dan Cronin said he was pleased to see Attorney General Lisa Madigan join DuPage County State’s Attorney Robert Berlin in a lawsuit against Sterigenics, filed in DuPage County.

Chairman Cronin said, “On September 7th, Senator John Curran and I sent a letter to Attorney General Madigan asking that she revoke Sterigenics’ operating permit based on the public health risk to the community caused by the emission of ethylene oxide into the air. I am pleased to see this action taken today in response to our request and as part of our multi-pronged strategy to protect the residents of DuPage County. I still believe Sterigenics should be shut down.”

The lawsuit against Sterigenics U.S. LLC alleges pollution violations due to the release of ethylene oxide into the air. In addition to filing suit, both Attorney General Madigan and State’s Attorney Berlin ask the Illinois General Assembly to address the public health impacts from the use of ethylene oxide, a chemical used to sterilize medical equipment. Senator John Curran of Downers Grove has filed Senate Bill 3640, which would deny renewed permits for companies found to be emitting ethylene oxide that exceed state and federal levels, while also working to prohibit the eventual use of all ethylene oxide in Illinois by 2022.