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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Press Release

Contact Information: Joan Olson (630) 407-6015 or Evan Shields (630) 407-6022

Monday, December 3, 2018

DuPage County Officials Take Oath of Office

DuPage County hosted an inauguration ceremony Monday for 17 elected officials who were sworn into office.

DuPage County State’s Attorney Robert Berlin presided over the event. DuPage County Chairman Dan Cronin delivered his third inaugural address. Cronin was first elected to the office of County Board Chairman in 2010.

“As we begin our new chapter in governing, I’m energized both by our achievements and by the challenges that lie ahead,” said Chairman Dan Cronin. “I believe we can serve as a beacon of good government in a state that sorely needs a compelling example of county government that is responsive and responsible. We are called upon to be the leaders our residents need.”

County-wide elected officials, who were sworn in to serve four-year terms, included County Board Chairman Dan Cronin, Sheriff James Mendrick, County Clerk Jean Kaczmarek, Treasurer Gwen Henry, and Regional Superintendent of Schools Darlene Ruscitti.

The 12 County Board members elected in November will serve four-year terms. The following Board members took the oath of office on Monday:

• District 1 – Ashley Selmon and Sam Tornatore
• District 2 – Elizabeth Chaplin and Peter DiCianni
• District 3 – Greg Hart and Julie Renehan
• District 4 – Grant Eckhoff and Mary FitzGerald Ozog
• District 5 – Sadia Covert and Dawn DeSart
• District 6 –Sheila Rutledge and James Zay

Chaplin, DiCianni, Eckhoff, Hart, Tornatore, and Zay are incumbents, while the other six are new members of the Board.