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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

DuPage County Coroner's Office

County Morgue
Mao of County Morgue
The dedication of DuPage County’s Coroner's Office was held on October 29, 1994. The two-story building is located within the DuPage County complex.

The building houses all of the services provided by our office.
Our facility is designed to allow full administrative and investigative services with proper courtesy and respect for the the deceased, their family and the public. The drive through sally port has a vehicle entrance which was designed to allow the deceased to be brought into our secure facility in total privacy, and ensure a secure chain of custody in suspected criminal cases. The body is transferred into the morgue area for further examination, investigation, toxicology and possible autopsy, to determine the cause and manner of death. Contained in the morgue is an isolation autopsy suite that is self-contained with its own x-ray equipment. Separated by a steel door is the forensic autopsy suite and clinical autopsy suite. A special viewing room is located next to the forensic autopsy area which allows the autopsy to be viewed by police, investigators, state's attorneys, and medical personnel involved in the case. Evidence obtained is stored in a secure manner using up to date procedures.

The second floor contains the offices of the administrative staff, Deputy Coroners, Chief Deputy Coroner and Coroner's office. Inquests may be conducted on selected days in the the second floor Ballinger Inquest Room. This office is dedicated to education and public outreach. We provide educational tours and lectures to students and interested groups upon request.