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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

County Board


County Appointed Agencies

Dear Friends,

DuPage County has led a comprehensive local government reform initiative to revitalize our County appointed agencies that deliver vital public services.  With your help, we have asked dozens of new people to assume leadership roles as part of our Citizen Service Team.  After conducting an agency-by-agency analysis we launched the DuPage ACT Initiative (Accountability-Consolidation-Transparency) to set basic expectations for these appointed bodies.  As a result of the ACT Initiative, I am pleased to report that agencies have taken action to reform internal policies governing ethics, procurement and credit cards to name a few.  These steps have created greater accountability and oversight for taxpayers.  Many agencies have implemented and continue to explore shared service and joint purchasing opportunities that reduce duplication and generate cost savings.  

This portal is designed to better inform taxpayers about the local service agencies that work for them.  Operating in communities across DuPage County, these agencies provide vital public services ranging from sanitation to fire protection.  The ACT Transparency Portal provides the public with pertinent information about each agency to include: 1.) names of each appointee; 2.) terms of office; 3.) qualifications for service; 4.) compensation; 5.) appointing entity; 6.) statutory authority; 7.) minute/agenda postings; 8.) annual financial reports; 9.) physical location; 10.) meeting schedules; and 11.) agency websites.  Simply click on any agency link below and you can view this information.    

As we continue in our efforts to transform local government under the DuPage ACT Initiative, I invite you to submit an application to be part of the Citizens Service Team. To open the application for appointment simply click "Nominate yourself for a board/commission" on the top right side of this page under Citizens Service Team.

Together, we will continue to reduce the size, scope and cost of local government.


Dan Cronin   

Daniel J. Cronin 

Chairman, DuPage County Board