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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

DuPage ACT Initiative

Dear Neighbor,  Dan Cronin

My mission as County Board Chairman has been to create a more accountable, transparent and efficient form of government and I firmly believe that we are well on our way to accomplishing that goal.

The County Board and I just finished an assessment of 24 independent agencies to which we appoint members. These agencies provide a variety of services ranging from fire, water, sanitation, health, emergency services, mosquito abatement and street lighting. Overall, they account for nearly $300 million in public funds per year and employ nearly 900 people.

The assessments, provided by Crowe Horwath, served as a “stress test” similar to what is conducted in the private sector to determine the health and future viability of an organization. We also evaluated how these governing bodies could work together to share services or consolidate functions to establish more cost efficient models of operation.

The assessment provided DuPage taxpayers with a glimpse into these agencies for the very first time. While the assessments confirmed that the County has some first rate agencies such as the Board of Health, they also raised some red flags regarding the lack of transparency and even financial sustainability of other agencies.

Now that we have a better understanding of the finances and operations of these agencies, I felt that it was imperative to present an action plan – the DuPage ACT Initiative (Accountability, Consolidation, Transparency) – to remedy the problems that were identified in the assessment. The DuPage ACT Initiative will address the lack of accountability and transparency in addition to providing a roadmap for agencies to explore consolidation and share services.

I look forward to working with the agencies as they adopt these meaningful reforms. Overall, I believe we will see measurable results that will streamline the governmental process, eliminate unnecessary functions, reduce headcount and ultimately save taxpayer money.


Daniel J. Cronin

Chairman, DuPage County Board