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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Available Digital Map Products

Half Quarter-Section Images


1. County tax parcels atlas (.pdf format)


2. Tax parcels with Tax Codes (.pdf) per Township


Quarter-Section Images


1. Orthophotos (½’ pixel) MrSid 7:1 compression w/ MrSID Viewer: Per Township


Set of Ten Townships


2. Orthophotos (½’ pixel) MrSid 50:1 compression w/ MrSID Viewer Entire County on one CD


3. Orthophotos (½’ pixel) w/ Tax Parcel overlay MrSid 7:1 comp. with ARC Explorer Per Township



Copyright Restrictions

DuPage County digital image data is copyrighted. The costs listed above are for a license to install and use the data on only one computer at a time. The above listed costs do not include updates. Multiple user and site licenses are available. Please call the DuPage County Clerk for further data.