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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Paper Map Products

Tax Parcel Maps

1. Half Quarter Section Map11”x17”$2.00
2. Section Map - small22”x34”$10.00
3. Section Map - small (Aerial Composite)22”x34”$15.00
4. Section Map - large34”x44”$20.00
5. Section Map - large (Aerial Composite)34"x44"$25.00
6. County Wide60”x72”$75.00
7. County Wide (Aerial Composite)60”x72”$80.00

Streets with Municipal Boundary Maps

1. Township Maps - small24”x34”$15.00
2. Township Maps - small (Aerial Composite)24”x34”$20.00
3. Township Maps - large36”x48”$20.00
4. Township Maps - large (Aerial Composite)36”x48”$25.00
5.  County Wide - small36"x48"$20.00
6.  County Wide - small (Aerial Composite) with street index36"x48"$25.00
7.  County Wide - large, with street index60"x72"$75.00
8.  County Wide - large (Aerial Composite) with street index60"x72"$80.00

Custom Map Requests


$75.00 for the first hour.  Any additional time over the first hour, a fee of $15.00 will be assessed for each 15 minute period.

Plotting cost will be added to the overall map creation cost per the rate schedules.