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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Property Tax Rate and Extension Reports

The DuPage County Clerk's Office calculates the tax rates (set within statutory limits) for every taxing district in DuPage County.  The tax levies are adopted by each taxing district's board and the Equalized Assessed Value of the properties in each district is certified by the Supervisor of Assessments.

2021 Tax Year (payable in 2022)

2020 Tax Year (payable in 2021)

2019 Tax Year (payable in 2020)

2018 Tax Year  (payable in 2019)

 2017 Tax Year  (payable in 2018)

 2016 Tax Year  (payable in 2017)

2015 Tax Year  (payable in 2016)

2014 Tax Year  (payable in 2015)