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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Southern DuPage County Regional Trail

Also known as the Southern DuPage Regional Trail (SDRT), this 49-mile regional trail stretches from Hinsdale to Aurora along the southern third of DuPage County.  By and large, the SDRT is a regional series of sidepaths beside County and township roads that connect downtowns, picturesque neighborhoods, and large tracts of forest preserves along its route.  Significant stretches through Woodridge, Downers Grove, Westmont, and Willowbrook are on-street bicycle routes through residential neighborhoods.




The idea for the Southern DuPage Regional Trail was first conceived in the 1990s.  Beginning in 1996, the County Bikeway Plan depicted a conceptual east-west alignment across the southern portion of DuPage County between Aurora and Hinsdale.  The County took steps to initiate implementation but a few years later.  In 2001, DuPage County hired a consultant team plan the trail's alignment through a feasibility study.  From the alignment that was identified in the feasibility study, portions of the planned trail along County roadways were divided into connectable projects for engineering and construction through the 2000s.

This effort represented the largest new trail initiative by the County since the Great Western Trail in the 1980s. The Southern DuPage Regional Trail includes the following major features:

  • 49-miles of regional trail utilizing existing and proposed off-road trails
  • Key connections to major forest preserves such as Waterfall Glen, Greene Valley, and Springbrook Prairie 
  • A diverse array of bikeway accommodations off-road paths, on-street designated bicycle lanes, and on-street signed bicycle routes 
  • From west to east, a main stem trail runs from Aurora to Woodridge, then branching into 3 spurs
  • Connects 11 communities across the southern-third of DuPage County