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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Springbrook Wetland Mitigation Bank

DuPage County Department of Economic Development and Planning is in the process of constructing a wetland mitigation area at the Springbrook Prairie Forest Preserve in Naperville, IL. When the project is complete, approximately 33-acres of wetland will have been created. Complete funding for this project has been provided by developers that have received a DuPage County stormwater permit to impact wetlands.

During construction, the wetland area will be slightly excavated to create a shallow depression that will hold water for short periods of time following rain events. Drainage tiles that were installed many decades ago for agricultural purposes will be disabled to provide a source of hydrology to the wetland. The mitigation wetland will be planted with a sedge meadow wetland plant community to accommodate habitat requirements for threatened and endangered bird species that currently utilize the forest preserve.

Upon completion of construction, the vegetation will be managed for a minimum of five years to ensure that the planted native species become established throughout the wetland area. Management activities including high-mowing, herbicide application, prescribed burning, etc. will be completed to target and eliminate undesirable weedy species. Vegetation management will be scheduled at times to minimize disturbance to the known nesting and foraging habits of the on-site threatened and endangered species.

Please check the website in the future for updated photos of the Springbrook Prairie Wetland Mitigation Site. Additional information regarding this project can be found on the DuPage County Forest Preserve District website.

Typical Sedge Meadow Wetland 

Typical sedge meadow wetland.

Phot credit: USFWS/Lacreek NWR