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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Press Release

Monday, June 27, 2022

DuPage County Clerk’s Office To Launch “Vote Anywhere” On June 28 Primary Election Day – First County In Illinois With New Voting Option

WHEATON, IL: The DuPage County Clerk’s Office will launch “Vote Anywhere”  on Election Day, Tuesday, June 28. DuPage will be the first county in Illinois to with the option for voters to cast a ballot in any one of its 263 polling places, instead of limiting the choice to a voter’s precinct polling place or a single vote center.

“Now voters may cast their ballot conveniently at a polling place near their job or school, instead of rushing to or from their home precinct,” DuPage County Clerk Kaczmarek says. “Best of all, DuPage voters will no longer be turned away on Election Day for being in the wrong polling place in the county.”

Registered voters already could vote outside their assigned precinct polling place in DuPage County for the 39 days of Early Voting. The County Clerk’s office is now extending this option for an additional day, using the same Early Voting system, process, and safeguards on Election Day.

“Two developments late in 2021 combined to create “Vote Anywhere” Election Day. In October, our office purchased the new Hart Verity complete print-on-demand voting system, so we no longer need to stockpile pre-printed ballots at polling places for just three or four precincts. After check-in, each voter now receives their freshly printed ballot on site. In November, the Illinois General Assembly passed legislation allowing each county to set up multiple vote centers where residents from all over the county can vote outside their home polling places on Election Day,” Kaczmarek says.

The number of precincts remains unchanged from 2020. No voter will be deprived of their local polling place in order to fulfill “Vote Anywhere” Election Day voting. As always, strict security measures will be in place to ensure one person, one vote.

“I’m gratified to bring our citizens so many ways to vote. I want the people of DuPage County to have so many voting options that they’re practically tripping over them. Voting has never been easier, more convenient, or more secure,” Kaczmarek adds. “Now that everything is in place, I’m urging registered voters to take advantage of it and exercise their precious right to vote.”

Voter turn-out was 24.88% in the 2018 Primary Election in DuPage County, and 19.19% for the 2014 Primary. At the time of this release, Early Voting turnout in DuPage County in 2022 was matching 2018, with nearly 21,000 voters. However, mail ballot applications increased over six times from 5,453 in 2018 to 34,650 in 2022. DuPage County currently has 636,311 registered voters.