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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Certification of Ballot

The Certification of Ballot form is available here to complete online, print and then submit to the Election Division to certify candidates to be placed on the ballot.

Please Note:  You must input information for each candidate as indicated on his/her "Statement of Candidacy".

 Online Certification Instructions

Instructions for completing the Certification of Ballot:

  1. Complete the "Certification" portion on the top left side of the form by filling in 'County of' line and selecting the Election type and date from the drop down
  2. Complete the "Contact Person" portion on the top right side of the form including:  To, From, For, Contact phone number, Contact fax number, Contact email address and Today's date

  3. Using the “Statement of Candidacy”.....
    Fill in all boxes in the row (if applicable to the election) with the candidate's information as listed on his/her “Statement of Candidacy"
  5. Click the "Print Form" button at the bottom right side of form. Proof the form and make any corrections at this point

Download the Certification of Ballot Form (PDF)

Submitting the form

Before submitting the form, print a corrected copy.

  1. Click on "Submit by Email" button located at top right side of the form
  2. "Select Email Client" will appear - follow directions on screen
  3. Click "OK"
  4. "Send Data File" will appear
  5. If you have not already done so, print the form
  6. Click "Send Data File"
  7. An email sending screen should appear - Click "Send"

A signed copy of the printed Certification of Ballot must also be filed with the Election Division.