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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Parent Education - Online Co-Parenting Course (CPC) (For Divorcing Parents)

CPC is an online course providing self-paced, self-directed learning. The course materials are equivalent to those covered in the CCC classroom seminar. This online course has been approved by the 18th Judicial Circuit Court to meet the mandatory parent education requirement. 

  • A $100 course fee plus a 2.35%, or $1.00 minimum, EPay convenience fee is paid via credit card before access to the course is provided. After payment has been made, a login and password are provided.

Technical Requirements for the Online Course:

  • A valid Email address is required. If you do not have an email address, free email is available through, or Make sure you type your email correctly on the registration form and that it matches the info you enter into EPay; this is the only way for you to receive your login. 
  • You must use the same email address when you register and pay for the course or you will not receive the login email. It is sent from an automated system and if the emails do not match, it will not find you.
  • This class will not work on any cell phones.
  • Popup blockers must be disabled. This includes those that are built into the browser, the Google search bar and the Yahoo bar. There may be other popup blockers than these listed, but these are the most common.
  • Progress through the course is tracked for each user. If you choose not to complete the course in one sitting, the course progress resumes where left off when you log back in.
  • It is very important you close the course properly to save your progress. Make sure you click on the course X when you want to exit. This will save your progress and close the course. If you leave your computer without exiting and the course times out, you will lose some progress.
  • Course completion is determined by getting a score of 80% or better on an online test upon completion of the course. Course materials can be reviewed again and the test may be re-taken until a passing grade is achieved.
  • After completion of the course, you can print your certificate of completion for presentation to the court.

Register for the online class.