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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

DuPage County Cooperative CORS Network

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About DuPage County and our participation in the Coop CORS Program

DuPage County and our local cooperators believe that providing high order Global Positioning System (GPS) reference data will help establish greater accuracy and flexibility while performing surveying for a variety of applications. Most important is providing a reliable and consistent base for establishing spatial relationship for legal boundaries, infrastructure projects, environmental assessment and private enterprise development. And by integrating with the national network our methods are upheld to nationally recognized standards.

The principle advantage to using GPS is increased positional accuracy anywhere within the network area. With an initial cost to purchase the necessary equipment and training, a survey team can be far more productive and reduce potential hazards associated with traversing along a busy thoroughfare.

The DuPage County GPS CORS Network supports both static and RTK surveying. Static surveying involves occupying a point and collecting satellite telemetry for a period (usually 2 hours, time adjusted by distance to reference station) and comparing that to the RINEX data provided by the base stations we support. RTK is surveying on the fly, without loss of accuracy, and is supported by base stations with internet TCP/Com transmission.

The entire DuPage County CORS Network is managed via GNSS Spider Ver, which is the latest upgrade available. This Software package links all of the GPS bases to a central location so they can be controlled remotely and the RINEX data collected. The RINEX data collected is available for free download.

For more information on GPS, RTK access, and the DuPage County CORS Network please refer to other sections within the DuPage County website, the NGS or contact DuPage County GIS Division directly.

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