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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Veterans Assistance Commission


Veterans Assistance Commission Board Members

 PRESIDENT Bruce Mayor Jewish War Veterans Post #54
 ALTERNATELeslie Turner Jewish War Veterans Post #54
 VICE PRESIDENT         Donald A. Sender Reserve Officers of America
 ALTERNATE  Reserve Officers of America
 SECRETARY  Richard Wagner   Military Officers Association of America
 ALTERNATEAlan Mendelssohn Military Officers Association of America
 TREASURERRichard Greenwald American Legion District #11
 ALTERNATEJoseph Craig American Legion District #11
 JUDGE ADVOCATE        Deldon D. Miller             American Legion Post #76
 ALTERNATELisa Mattingly American Legion Post #76
 DELEGATE  Frank Trout          Disabled American Veterans, DuPage County
 DELEGATEJohn Schmitt DuPage County Marines #399
 ALTERNATERita Kollias DuPage County Marines #399
 DELEGATEPhil Maughan Veteran of Foreign Wars District #19