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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Employment Opportunity: Legal/Court Services

Title: Adult/Juvenile Investigations Probation Officer

Closing Date: Until Filled

Department: Probation and Court Services

Division: Adult and Juvenile

Hours: 8-4:30 Monday through Friday


Send Resumes and applications to

This position will initially concentrate on adult investigations (PSI) but will also include assignments in the juvenile division as needed by workload demands. 

The responsibilities of this position include:


  • Provide investigative services across functions for the Adult and Juvenile Divisions as needed;
  • Prepare reports for Court-ordered investigations;
  • Assess, evaluate, and verify information on offenders to complete risk assessments identifying criminogenic needs of offenders.  Elicit and concisely document behavior patterns and offender’s motivation to change;
  • Increase intrinsic motivation for behavior change in offenders and their families;
  • Recommend interventions targeted at risk reduction utilizing the offender’s family, community and local treatment agencies;
  • Complete criminal history reports on offenders for the Court and probation departments;
  • Contact victims of crimes to provide the Court with information on the impact of the offender’s behavior;
  • Provide crisis intervention when needed;
  • Provide accurate, verified, and documented information to the Court with testimony as needed;
  • Assist with Juvenile Initials and pulling cases for the Juvenile Court Call;
  • Completing Child Trauma Symptoms Screening;
  • Other work as assigned.


Requirements for this position include:


  • Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Sciences, including Social Work, Psychology, Counseling, Sociology, etc.;
  • Independent decision making;
  • Ability to plan and organize the workday and the schedule to accommodate multiple priorities, including the needs of the Court and the offender;
  • Knowledge of modern social service practice, resources, and correctional interventions;
  • Excellent interviewing skills;
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills;
  • Working skill in understanding and interpreting laws and regulations;
  • Knowledge of Trauma related symptoms and Trauma treatments;
  • Considerable skill in dealing effectively with the public and applying professional methods of handling socially maladjusted and emotionally disturbed individuals; and,
  • Some skill in observing, diagnosing, and recording behavior patterns of individuals.


Department of Probation & Court Services is an Equal Opportunity Employer



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DuPage County is an Equal Opportunity Employer