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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

DuPage County Sanitary Districts

A Sanitary District is a separate administrative and political unit of government from the state, city or town it resides within.

Select the Township in which you reside.  Your township is the first two digits of your Property Identification Number (PIN) found on your tax bill.  To determine your PIN and view your property information, visit the Property Portal.

Refer to the following map if needed: Sanitary Sewer Districts

DuPage County Sanitary Service Map Addresses can be searched in the upper right corner of link.

Salt Creek Sanitary District Operations and Consolidation Study


Highland Hills Sanitary District Consolidation Information

Highland Hills Sanitary District Consolidation Study

Highland Hills Consolidation Presentation

Highland Hills Resident Survey

Highland Hills Resident Update Letter 12.21.2016

Highland Hills Survey Results Letter 3.1.2017

Highland Hills-Flagg Creek-DPC Agreement

Highland Hill Sanitary District Dissolution Ordinance

Highland Hill Sanitary District Board Meeting Agenda 7/10/2019