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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Uncashed Checks

The Treasurer’s Office maintains a searchable list of uncashed checks that are over six months old.

These are checks that were issued in the regular course of DuPage County business and have not been cashed by the payee. After six months, all outstanding checks automatically become void. The Treasurer’s Office continues to hold the funds pending issuance of replacement checks. If after three years’ time the payee has not requested the issuance of a replacement check, the unclaimed funds are escheated to the State of Illinois where they remain available for claim through the State Treasurer’s Office.

If you believe that you have an uncashed DuPage County check payable to you, please click the link to search the list of outstanding checks. When the PDF list appears, you can press Ctrl-f to enter a search term.

Search Uncashed Checks (PDF) - search for a name, dollar amount, etc.

Request a Replacement Check