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C.H. 31 87th Street at Woodward Avenue


  • Advertised on December 10, 2021


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  • Bulletin Date: Friday, December 10, 2021
  • Description:Contract No. 61E87 DuPage County District 1Section 13-00253-01-CHFAU Route 3580 (87TH STREET) Project WU5H(038) Intersection Widening, milling and resurfacing, new retaining wall, and the upgrade of existing traffic signals at the 87th Street at Woodward Avenue intersection in Woodridge, includes 115 unit tree removal; 3,270 cu yd earth excavation; 2,260 cu yd removal and disposal of unsuitable material; 1,931 cu yd trench backfill, 840 cu yd topsoil excavation and placement; 4,954 sq yd sodding salt tolerant; 5,014 ft perimeter erosion barrier; 50 inlet filters; 8,137 sq yd aggregate subgrade improvement 16"; 2,146 sq yd subbase granular material, type b 2"; 4,370 sq yd HMA base course; 2,264 lb bituminous materials (prime coat); 10,710 lb bituminous materials (tack coat); 17,900 ft longitudinal joint sealant; 3,570 ton HMA binder course; 2,780 ton polymerized HMA surface course; 5,265 sq yd protective coat; 18,145 sq ft PCC sidewalk; 5,795 ft combination curb and gutter removal; 14,933 sq ft sidewalk removal; 8,600 sq ft median removal; 120 sq yd class D patches; 3,820 sq ft segmental concrete block wall; 1,585 ft storm sewers class A; 965 ft storm sewer removal; 400 ft ductile iron water main; 10 ea catch basins; 6 ea manholes; 27 ea inlets; 6,227 ft combination concrete curb and gutter; 260 cu yd non-special waste disposal; 9,810 ft thermoplastic pavement marking line; 1,257 ft underground conduit, galvanized steel; 3 handholes; 10 ea relocate existing lighting unit; 13,159 ft electric cable in conduit, signal; 4 ea steel mast arm assembly and pole; 5 ea steel combination mast arm assembly and pole; 162 ft concrete foundation; 24 ea signal heads, led, 1-face; 1 ea temporary traffic signal installation; 16,788 ft remove electric cable from conduit; 2 ea remove existing traffic signal equipment; 7 ea remove existing handhole; 1 ea video detection system; 160 sq yd bike path removal; 28,100 sq yd HMA surface removal, variable depth; 1 ea full-actuated controller and cabinet;  330 recessed reflective pavement markers; federally funded.(A Special Provision for this contract requires insurance that names additional insureds)(110 Working Days)(Job No. C-91-436-14)

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