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Crest Road Basins

The Crest Road and Dale Road basins are located within the vicinity of the Marion Hills subdivision within the Sawmill Creek watershed in the City of Darien. The Sawmill Creek watershed is approximately 12.5 square miles in size in the southeastern corner of DuPage County and includes the Cities of Darien, Willowbrook and Burr Ridge. It contains more than nineteen miles of major drainage ways. The northern portion of the watershed is developed in residential and light commercial uses; the southern portion is largely undeveloped and includes the Waterfall Glen Forest Preserve and the Argonne National Laboratory. Sawmill Creek is a tributary to the Des Plaines River. Historical flood damage includes residential flooding in the Marion Hills area and scattered flooding throughout the watershed. Frequent overtopping of Sawmill Creek due to poor conveyance and the lack of storage cause these damages.

The Crest Road and Dale Road basins were identified within an Addendum to the Sawmill Creek Watershed Plan that was approved by the County Board in 1998. The Dale Road Basin is located just north of 68th Street and east of Dale Road. This basin was constructed in 2003 and provides approximately 14 acre-feet of stormwater storage. The Crest Road Basin is located at the northwest corner of Plainfield Road and Route 83. It was completed in 2005 and provides approximately 34 acre-feet of stormwater storage. These basins operate without human intervention and function entirely by gravity. Both basins have been planted with native vegetation which provides habitat for wildlife and promotes infiltration and water quality benefits. These basins help to reduce or eliminate flooding to approximately 35 structures and 100 properties within the Sawmill Creek watershed. 

CrestRd Basin

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