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Wayne Oaks Dam & Reservoir

Wayne Oaks DamOverview

The Wayne Oaks Dam and Reservoir is located north of North Avenue and east of Fair Oaks Road on Tributary Number 4 (Trib. No. 4) to the West Branch DuPage River in Carol Stream. The flood control facility spans more than 17 acres and has capacity for nearly 23 million gallons of floodwater.

The basin has been planted with deep-rooted native vegetation that not only promotes infiltration, but also stabilizes the shoreline. In addition, several native trees were planted throughout the area during the restoration work. DuPage County Stormwater Management actively maintains the native vegetation in the wetland and prairie, as well as the weir structure.

Residents often use the Wayne Oaks Dam area for passive recreation such as walking and wildlife watching. Wildlife and waterfowl are frequently observed throughout the area.


The DuPage County Board approved a watershed plan for Trib. No. 4 in 1993. The Trib. No. 4 Watershed drains approximately 2.86 square miles through central DuPage County, including portions of the Village of Carol Stream and unincorporated areas of Wayne Township. The open-channel system of Trib. No. 4 is approximately 1.9 miles long and joins the West Branch DuPage River in the Timber Ridge Forest Preserve. The purpose of the plan was to address flooding along Trib. No. 4 and to recommend necessary modifications to the Wayne Oaks Lake and Dam in order to meet Illinois Department of Natural Resources – Office of Water Resources Dam safety regulations. 

The plan recommended replacing the old metal outlet pipe from the lake with a concrete weir structure, as well as additional excavation to provide floodwater storage for both this and other projects identified in the plan. DuPage County funded the Wayne Oaks Dam Project through a combination of stormwater and drainage Funds. Since the completion of the project, DuPage County Stormwater Management has taken over the operation and maintenance responsibilities of the dam and reservoir.

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