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Westwood Creek Dam & Pump Station and Louis Reservoir

The Westwood Creek Dam and Pump Station is located in Addison just east of Addison Rd and south of I-290. The facility is located across the Westwood Creek tributary to Salt Creek approximately 800 feet upstream of the tributary mouth. When Salt Creek rises due to a rainfall event, the flood waters, in some cases, begins traveling up the its various tributaries. In the case of Westwood Creek this "backwater" traveled far enough upstream to severely flood a residential neighborhood just west of Addison Road.

The Dam & Pump Station was constructed across Westwood Creek to prevent the flood waters from reaching the residential area. Physically the dam has three large moveable gates which are normally left in the open position to allow normal Westwood Creek waters to flow through the dam to Salt Creek. However, when water elevation sensors on the downstream side of the dam sense that Salt Creek waters are "backing up" Westwood, the gates are automatically closed. The pumps then turn on to "lift" Westwood Creek water over the dam to prevent Westwood Creek itself from flooding the residential neighborhood. The gates then reopen when the sensors determine downstream conditions are safe.

By ordinance, the Salt Creek waters which no longer reach the low lying area along Westwood, must have a placed to be stored so that the flooding problem is not just shifted to another location. That is why this facility was built in conjunction with the Louis Reservoir.

Louis Reservoir is a 210 acre-foot reservoir located on the southwest corner of Lake Street and Villa Avenue at the old Louis Restaurant site in Addison. It consists of one shallow cell and one deeper cell which are connected by a pipe. When flood conditions exist on Salt Creek water begins filling the shallow cell until it reaches the cross-connect pipe which then begins filling the deeper cell. The facility is de-watered after a flood event using the Village of Addison’s Diversey Avenue pump station. The reservoir is connected to the pump station by a pipe which runs along the southern edge of the reservoir site.

The reservoir provides approximately 110 acre-feet of flood plain compensation for flood water which is displaced from low lying areas by the Westwood Creek Dam & Pump Station. The remainder is additional storage capacity. Both the Dam & Pump Station and the Reservoir are maintained by the Village of Addison.

Louis Reservoir

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