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Bill White, J.D., C.I.A., was elected to serve as DuPage County Auditor in November 2020 and his term in office began December 1, 2020.

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County Auditor Bill White

The County Auditor is an independent elected official responsible for promoting efficient, effective, and transparent government.  

One of the statutory duties of my Office is to review all claims presented against the County for payment.  My Office then recommends either the payment or non-payment of such claims.  Another statutory duty is to maintain a continuous internal audit of the operations and finances of all officers, divisions, and departments under the jurisdiction of the County Board and the eight County-wide Elected Officials.  Many other statutory duties exist however all duties relate to the central mission of promoting efficient, effective, and transparent government.

Internal auditing focuses first on internal controls, which are designed to prevent waste, fraud, or the misuse of County resources from occurring.  Preventing waste, fraud, or the misuse of County resources is the cost-effective alternative for efficient and effective government.

A County Auditor also acts as a vigilant watchdog seeking to detect and uncover waste, fraud, or the misuse of resources, in the event efforts at prevention are unsuccessful.  To detect fraud, audit professionals agree that tips are the most common method of detecting fraud and also the cost-effective.  The DuPage County Auditor has maintained an Audit Tipline since 2009.

Upon our receipt of information indicating waste, fraud and/or the misuse of resources related to County operations, my Office will review the information and initiate an investigation or audit procedures, as warranted.  In appropriate circumstances, tips will be referred to the Office of the State’s Attorney for prosecution or to the FBI or other agencies for further investigation by fraud specialists. 

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