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History of the County Auditor

The Office of the County Auditor was established by an act of the Illinois General Assembly in 1911, and except for Cook County, Illinois' largest counties have an elected County Auditor. The County Auditor is elected for a 4-year term, in the same general election as the President of the United States. DuPage County elected its first County Auditor in 1932, when the county's population reached 75,000. Since then, seven individuals have served as County Auditor. The current County Auditor, Bill White, has held the office since December 1, 2020.

Name: Bob Grogan
Years Served: County Auditor 2008-2020 
Bob Grogan
Name: Jim Rasins
Years Served: County Auditor 2000-2008
Jim Rasins
Name: William T. Jacklin 
Years Served: County Auditor 1973-2000
William Jacklin
Name: Henry C. Cheney
Years Served: County Auditor 1972-1973 
Henry Cheney
Name: Leo D. La Fleur 
Years Served: County Auditor 1960-1972
Leo La Fleur
Name: Robert D. Bradlee 
Years Served: County Auditor 1932-1960
Robert Bradlee
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