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County Auditor Jurisdiction - a/k/a - Who do We Audit?

The elected County Auditor is chosen by the voters to independently evaluate DuPage County operations and finances.   The County Auditor does not report to the DuPage County Board, or the County Board Chair and therefore can conduct objective evaluations.  The results of these evaluations are the basis for making recommendations for improvement.  When appropriate, the results of these evaluations are reported to the DuPage County Board, the County Board Chair, other County-wide Elected Officials and the public. 

The jurisdiction of the County Auditor is established by Illinois statute.  Not all agencies or organizations that might seem related to DuPage County government are under the jurisdiction of the County Auditor.

Who We Audit

  • The departments and programs under the jurisdiction of the DuPage County Board 
  • Most of the operations of the following eight County-wide Elected Officials: 
    • Clerk of the Circuit Court
    • County Clerk
    • County Coroner
    • County Recorder
    • Regional Office of Education
    • County Sheriff
    • State's Attorney
    • County Treasurer

Who We Don't Audit

The County Auditor does not have the statutory authority over the following agencies or government entities. 

  • College of DuPage
  • DuPage County Airport Authority 
  • DuPage County Forest Preserve 
  • DuPage County Health Department 
  • DuPage Housing Authority 
  • DuPage Water Commission 

Each of these agencies or government entities have their own governing boards and may or may not have internal auditors.  However, the County Auditor can have the ability to look into transactions and agreements that occur between these entities and DuPage County.

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