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Tax History Search

The collector's books are available online to assist in identifying tax history for properties in DuPage County. For example, if the value on a property increases greatly from one year to another, it could indicate a building was added to the property.

NOTE: Online records are available from 1850 through 1985 at this time.

How to do a Tax Search On-Line

Depending on the years you are searching, you may need to contact the County Clerk's Office at 630-407-5540 to obtain the following information before you get started.

  • 1850 to 1947
    • You will need a legal description, lot and block information and whether the property is incorporated or unincorporated.
    • If the property is incorporated, the tax information is located in the LOTS book, listed by municipality. 
    • If the property is unincorporated, the tax information is located in the LANDS book. The lands book is sorted by Township and Section Number.  The majority of parcels will be described by direction and section number (i.e. N1/2 of the NW1/4 of the SW1/4, etc.). The subdivision index is located at the beginning of the book and provides the starting page of each subdivision.
  • 1948 to 1975
    • You will need to know the book and parcel number.
    • The first number identifies the Township; the second number is the book number and the last set of numbers is for the parcel. A legal description is helpful for verification that you have located the correct parcel. The book number is listed in the directory.
      • 1 - Addison Township
      • 2 - Bloomingdale Township
      • 3 - Wayne Township
      • 4 - Winfield Township
      • 5 - Milton Township
      • 6 - York Township
      • 7 - Downers Grove Township 
      • 8 - Lisle Township
      • 9 - Naperville Township
  • 1976 to 1985
    • You will need to know the Property Index Number (PIN),  i.e. 01-01-100-001.
    • The first two numbers identify the Township; the second two numbers identify the section; the third three numbers identify the block and the last three digits identify the parcel.
      • 01 - Wayne Township
      • 02 - Bloomingdale Township
      • 03 - Addison Township
      • 04 - Winfield Township
      • 05 - Milton Township
      • 06 - York Township
      • 07 - Naperville Township
      • 08 - Lisle Township
      • 09 & 10 - Downers Grove Township

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request the amount of taxes paid in previous years?

1. You can search the Collector's Books history information on-line.

  • 1850 to 1947: The Collector's Books are by legal description by Township.
  • 1948 to 1975: The Collector's Books are by book and parcel number by Township.
  • 1976 to 1985: The Collector's Books are in Property Index Number (PIN) order by Township.

2. You can request a tax search from the County Clerk's Revenue Department:

  • The cost for a certified tax search is $1.00 per year and $2.00 for the certification.
  • Tax searches must be pre-paid.
  • In-person, you can order a tax search and make a payment with cash, check or credit card.
  • By mail, you can request a tax search; please include your Property Index Number (PIN), a check for the correct amount and the address to mail the search too.

Send a letter to:
Jean Kaczmarek
DuPage County Clerk
P.O. Box 1028
Wheaton, IL 60187

Or Call the County Clerk's Revenue Department at 630-407-5540.

What is a Property Index Number (PIN)?

The DuPage County Clerk’s Office assigns a property index number to each individual parcel in DuPage County representing it's legal description.  When a legal description of a piece of property changes; the Clerk’s office will assign a new PIN to that property.

Please call 630-407-5540 if you have any questions regarding PIN numbers.

Find a Property Index Number (PIN) using a property address.

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