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Deputy Registrars

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The work of Deputy Registrars is a vital contribution to American democracy. Registering voters encourages voter participation and enhances our electoral process.

Who May Register Voters?

  • Election Authorities - County Clerks or Board of Election Commissioners
  • Deputy Registrars - As appointed

Who May Be A Deputy Registrar?

The following are automatically appointed as Deputy Registrars by the Election Division:

  • Municipal Clerks
  • Township/Road District Clerks
  • Precinct Committeepersons

The following may be appointed only upon written request:

  • Bona fide state civic organization members 
    • Civic Organizations which seek to engage in voter registration must file an application with the State Board of Elections (SBE) for certification as a bona fide civic organization. Applications for certification must be filed with the SBE by the 90th day prior to each election.
  • Bona fide state labor organization members
    • Labor organizations must submit a copy of by-laws to the Election Division to be certified as a bona fide labor organization
  • Chief Librarian or designated employees
  • High School/Elementary School principal or designated employees
  • University/College president or designated employees
  • Public Aid Director or designated employees
  • Secretary of State's Driver's License Facility employees
  • Employment Security Director or designated employees
  • Corporation President or designated employees

When and Where May Registrars Take Voter Registrations?

All Deputy Registrars may accept the voter registration of any qualified Illinois resident at any time except during the close of registration which begins 27 days before each election. Registration re-opens two days after each election.

Deputy Registrars from civic organizations, labor organizations, corporations, and all Precinct Committeepersons may accept the registration of any qualified Illinois resident anywhere within Illinois.

All other Deputy Registrars may accept the registration of any qualified Illinois resident but only at their assigned location.

Important Facts About Deputy Registrars

  • Must not engage in any type of political activity while registering voters.
  • May be removed for cause.
  • Voter registration cannot take place where any alcoholic beverages are being served.
  • Must be trained, take an oath, and be appointed as provided by state law.
  • Are appointed for 2-year terms beginning the first business day in December following each General Election. They may be reappointed only upon written request.
  • Must be registered to vote in the jurisdiction in which they are appointed.
  • Precinct Committeepersons are appointed as Deputy Registrars on the date of the county convention following the General Primary Election at which they were elected. Precinct Committeepersons that are appointed by their Party are also eligible to be Registrars.
  • Must complete registration forms neatly and must follow the specific directions of the Election Authority.
  • Must return completed registration materials within 72 hours of completion.
  • If new registrations or cancellations are taken between the 35th and 29th day before the election, completed materials must be returned to the Election Authority within 48 hours.
  • If registrations or cancellations are taken on the last day for registration, all the registration material must be returned to the Election Authority within 24 hours.

Registrar Documents and Forms

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