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Voter Lookup Tool

Check Your Election Information

The Check Your Election Information tool can be used to view election information by name, address or district using one of the tabs below. This information can be accessed by simply selecting the appropriate tab and entering the required information below.

The data is transmitted via a secure (SSL) page and is not stored or collected.

Search by Name

The Search by Name tab allows you to view personalized information based on your registration record on file.  Personalized information included in search:

  • Voter Registration and Status • Sample Ballot(s)
  • Precinct (Precinct map link) • Vote by Mail Ballot Status
  • Polling Place (linked to directions) • Provisional Ballot Status
  • Representatives (contact information link)

If you are not registered, have moved or changed your name, please contact the Registration Division at (630) 407-5600 for registration information.

Search by Address

The Search by Address tab allows you to view information based on the address record on file. Address information included in search:

  • Precinct (Precinct map link) • Representatives (contact information link)
  • Polling Place (linked to directions) • Sample Ballot(s)

District/Precinct Search

The District Search tab allows you to view a variety of information based on any district in DuPage County. Information types available:

  • Polling Locations - View a list of polling locations. Each polling place listed is linked to view the location of the polling place selected on a map.
  • Precincts - View a list of precincts. Each Precinct listed is linked to its respective map. Each polling place listed is linked to view the location of the polling place selected on a map.
  • Precinct Committeemen - View a list of Precinct Committeemen and contact information.
  • Sample Ballot - View a list of the current sample ballots. Each Ballot Style is linked to allow you to view the sample ballot selected.

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