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Law Clerk Program

Open to all active law students

The DuPage County State's Attorney, on behalf of the People of the State of Illinois, prosecutes all violations of the criminal code that have occurred within the County. He also provides legal advice to the County government and its elected officials, brings suit on behalf of the County whenever deemed necessary, and defends the County when it is sued. These duties are undertaken through the staff of the Office that is comprised of over 80 Assistant State's Attorney, 18 sworn criminal investigators and the professional support staff.

The mission of the DuPage County State's Attorney Office is to provide equal justice to all in accordance with the law through seeking justice in each individual case. Additionally, as the County government's legal representative, the Office seeks to preserve and advocate the interests of DuPage County, as expressed by the elected heads of government, in a manner that lawfully and ethically preserves the best interests of the County.

It has been the long-standing tradition and policy of our office to provide law clerk and internship/externship opportunities to qualified law students. Each semester, and during the summer, our office selects a number of applicants to experience life as a prosecutor with real in-court experience.

Purpose and Adjectives

The primary objective of the law clerk and internship/externship program is to enhance a law student's legal development and training. The program is available to all active law students, particularly those who seek an opportunity to expand their legal knowledge and experience in the public sector, including criminal justice and governmental services. The program is available during the summer as well as fall and spring semesters of the school year. The program may be available for volunteers as well as those enrolled in a clinical intern or extern program through their school.

Every program participant is monitored by an experienced lawyer with the goal of providing a meaningful experience through observation and direct participation in activities of the State's Attorney's Office.

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