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Specialty Courts

Problem Solving Courts

These courts rely on close collaboration by multidisciplinary teams, including members from the judicial and treatment communities, to provide both accountability and treatment and services to offenders to reduce substance abuse and recidivism while enhancing public safety.

Mental Health Court (MICAP)

The purpose of DuPage County Mental Illness Court Alternative Program (MICAP) is to redirect offenders who have a mental health diagnosis that was a contributing factor in the commission of the crime. MICAP provides a sentencing alternative with the focus on integrated treatment services diverting the offender from traditional prosecution.

Eligibility Requirements

Applicants who meet the criteria guidelines must be age 17 or above, a DuPage County resident, diagnosed with an Axis I major mental illness, and demonstrate a willingness to participate. Where appropriate, victim consent will be required. Applicants who have prior/current sex offenses, DUI charges and/or other crimes of violence will not be eligible for the MICAP program. For further clarification, please contact the MICAP Program Manager at 630-682-7400.

Veterans Court

The 18th Judicial Circuit’s Veterans Court is a problem solving court that offers a second chance to those who often suffer the consequences of military service, including PTSD, traumatic brain injuries and substance abuse. 

Drug Court

The mission of the DuPage County Drug court program is to strive for better outcomes by longer tenure in substance abuse treatment programs producing better outcomes.  Drug Courts are proven to retain offenders in treatment considerably longer than most other correctional programs. In line with their positive effects on crime reduction, Drug Courts have also proven highly cost-effective. For eligibility requirements, please see: https://www.dupagecourts.gov/18th_judicial_circuit_court/programs/drug_court_program.php

FOCUS (First Offender Call Unified for Success) Program

The F.O.C.U.S. program’s goal is to provide non-violent first-time drug offenders the necessary treatment, counseling, education and support needed to successfully complete their term of probation and to ensure they remain on the road to recovery and rehabilitation. This new initiative refers cases from all felony courtrooms that involve eligible participants to the F.O.C.U.S. courtroom, headed by one dedicated judge and a staff with expertise in all facets of addiction recovery.

DuPage Pre-Trial Diversion Program

Designed for first time, non-violent offenders, the Pre-Trial Diversion Program provides participants with an opportunity to keep a felony conviction from being permanently entered on their record. In addition to the obvious benefit of avoiding jail time that may come with a felony conviction, a clean record also provides the participant with a second chance and hope for the future. For eligibility requirements, please see Pre-Trial Diversion Program (PDF).

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