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Mortgage Companies Tax Paying Agent System (TPA)

Mortgage Companies Tax Paying Agent System (TPA)

The DuPage County Collector’s TPA allows agents such as banks, mortgage companies and financial institutions to pay the annual DuPage County Real Estate Tax through the Autoagent website.

Enter TPA/Autoagent Website

This website will allow agents to upload all of the PINs (Property Index Numbers) they would like to pay. Once the PINs have been uploaded, the agents are given the opportunity to edit their files. Viewable and downloadable reports will also be available online. Once the files are complete, the agent must commit to pay. As an agent, you are responsible for payment of the balance of the committed file or it will not be processed.

The due date of the 1st installment is June 1, 2024 and the due date of the 2nd installment is September 3, 2024.

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