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Accessibility Devices and Features in Polling Places

In addition to polling locations compliant with the American Disabilities Act, the DuPage County Election Division offers various tools to help voters with different physical abilities:

Ballot Magnifiers are magnifying lenses designed to enlarge the print on the paper ballots to assist voters who require assistance to read the names of offices, candidates and referenda.

Wheelchair accessible voting booths are available in each polling place and allow persons in wheelchairs to use in marking a paper ballot or the touchscreen. Voters who are unable to stand for long periods of time also may use this unit and a provided chair.

Door Bells are offered outside entrances to polling places with heavy doors. When voters ring the bells, an Election Judge will come and open the door for the voter.
Threshold Ramps are placed at polling places where the door threshold is such that a voter in a wheelchair may have difficulty entering. The threshold ramps will make for easier entry into the polling place.

Voter Information Notice is printed in large type. This Notice lists services and rules for voters who may receive assistance while voting. This Notice is to be posted on a wall in each polling place.

Alternate Entrance Signs, where needed, will be posted at polling places to direct voters with disabilities to the entrance that offers the easiest access.

Assisted Voting is available to those who designate a trusted family member or other friend to help the voter cast a ballot. An affidavit must be signed by the voter and the person assisting. The voter also may request the assistance of two judges of election, one from each major political party, to help the voter cast a ballot.

"Curbside Voting" is provided to any voter who, because of structural features of the building in which the polling place is located, is unable to access or enter the polling place due to disability, may request that a ballot be delivered at the point where the voter is unable to continue toward the polling place.

By Law, the Election Division must receive a request for curbside assistance in writing no later than 5:00 p.m. the day prior to each election at 421 N County Farm Rd, Wheaton IL 60602. By filing a Request for a Ballot by a Voter who is Unable to Enter the Polling Place (please include the voter's name, address, precinct, and polling place, the hour the voter expects to arrive, and, if available, a cell phone number), the voter is requesting that two (2) judges of election, one from each political party, bring a ballot to a location where forward motion toward the polling place can no longer be continued; but, in no case shall a ballot be delivered to the voter beyond 50 feet of the entrance to the building in which the polling place is located. At this location, an application for ballot must be completed by the voter and verified by the judges. The voter will be allowed to cast the ballot privately. The Board will notify the Judges of Election at the appropriate polling places of requests filed at least one day before Election Day.

If the voter cannot file that request a day in advance, the voter may still go to the polling place on Election Day, and if they are physically unable to access the location, relay the request to alert the Judges of Election to make curbside voting available. If there are questions, the Judges of Election may refer to the Election Judge Handbook, and/or the Judges or Voters may call the Election Division at (630) 407-5600.

Designated Parking is provided at polling places for vehicles that display the placards for drivers with disabilities.
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