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To Vote a Paper Ballot

After you check in at the polling place, if selected, the Ballot Judge will give you a paper ballot, which you will mark with the pen provided.

Be sure to verify that you have been given the correct Ballot Style (group of districts) prior to casting your ballot. Once the ballot is placed in the ballot box, you cannot change your ballot.

OSVoteMark your choice on the ballot by darkening the oval to the left of the Candidate’s name or selection. You must blacken the oval completely, and do not may any marks outside of the oval. Always check the back of the ballot for additional candidates and propositions. You do not have to vote in every race.

Write-In Voting
•   Find the appropriate Unit of Government and Office Title.
•   Write the Candidate's name on the line provided
•   Darken the oval to the left of the candidate's name

Failure to do these steps will result in your Write-In vote not being counted

Review your ballot carefully. Do not cross out or erase or your vote may not count. If you have made a mistake marking your ballot, ask the Judge for a new ballot.

When you are finished voting, place the Privacy Cover over the ballot allowing the Ballot Judge’s Initials to be viewed in the upper right hand   corner of the header. Proceed to the Judge of Election stationed near the ballot box.

After the Ballot Box Judge verifies that the ballot is properly initialed, insert the ballot into the tabulation machine.

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