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Adopting a Cat from DCAS

Adopting a Cat/Kitten from DCAS

  • Complete a Cat Adoption Application
  • Complete a Kitten Adoption Application
  • Learn more about our Bashful Buddies (PDF)
  • All cats adopted from DCAS are up to date on appropriate vaccines and preventions, microchipped, and are spayed or neutered.
  • Please note: all resident cats must be spayed/neutered and all dogs and cats must be vaccinated against rabies for adoption applications to be approved. 

Adoption Fee Guidelines

Adoption Type Fee
Kitten (< 6 months) $110
2 kittens adopted together $170
Adult Cat (6 months to 9 years) $60
Senior Cat (10 years and up) $11

Cats (One Year and Older) Available for Adoption

Cats/Kittens (Under One Year) Available for Adoption

Look at me Before Bringing Home a New Pal

Adoption Process

Step 1.  Click on a pet's picture or visit our Facebook page to learn more information about animals up for adoption. Click on their name to see more details.

Step 2. Complete the appropriate application. 

Step 3. If you aren't sure which pet is right for you, call our office at 630-407-2800 to speak with a staff member.

Step 4. Once your application is received and approved, staff will call you to discuss the pet you wish to meet and schedule either an in-person meeting or you may start with a virtual Zoom meet and greet with that pet. During the virtual interaction, you’ll be able to see the pet on video and have all your questions answered by an adoption counselor. Please note that a submitted application does not place that pet on hold for you or guarantee you will be able to meet that pet.

Step 5. If it is a perfect match, complete the adoption and take your new pet home! We know bringing home a new pet is a big deal, so we also give you until the close of business on the next day to think about it and then make a decision.

Working Cat Program

Most cats can easily live as indoor house pets but some cats arriving at our shelter have temperaments better suited for an outdoor lifestyle. These cats may be more successful as a working cat. If you have a barn, stable, warehouse, brewery, etc. you can help save a life. Working Cats fall into these categories:

  • Feral: under socialized and untouchable cats. They prefer the company of other animals and can become aggressive if cornered but will not aggress if left alone. These cats are excellent hunters.
  • Semi-Feral: these cats may allow people to touch them but will most likely hide from strangers.
  • Semi-Social: with work these cats will likely allow touching and possibly handling. They will most likely still hide from strangers but may bond to their caregivers.

Adopting a working cat can help control your pest problem while saving a life of a cat not suited for an indoor lifestyle. 

DCAS is grateful to partner with Feral Fixers for finding appropriate placement for working cats. All applications go through them. For more information on adoption a working cat please visit the Feral Fixers website

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