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General Pet Information

Bite Prevention Handouts

Found a Kitten? What to Do and Why!

Virtual Education Library

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Available Webinars
Caring for Your Pets
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Basic First Aid Title Card

Basic Pet First Aid

Learn how to tend to your pet in a crisis. This presentation will cover preventative care, how to treat wounds, broken bones, choking, and more.

Senior Pets

Caring for Senior Pets

Has your pet become a sweet old lady or a grumpy old man? Either way, senior pets need special care from their owners. We’ll discuss behavior needs, home modifications, medical warning signs, and more.

Choosing a Pet Professional Title Screen

Choosing a Pet Professional

We all need pet professionals: dog walkers, groomers, trainers, veterinarians etc. How those professionals work with the animals is extremely important. Learn what to look for in an animal care professional.

Holiday Pet Safety

Holiday Pet Safety

From big dinners to decorative lights, the holidays are a time to shine with family and friends. But how do we keep our furry family members safe? We’ll cover food safety, decorating tips, and advice on keeping stress levels low.


S.H.E.D: 4 Necessities for Healthy & Happy Pets

What does my pet need? What pet is right for me? Join us for an exploration of pet needs including shelter, healthcare, exercise, and diet.
Understanding Dog and Cat Behavior
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Canine Concerns Title Card

Canine Concerns: Common Behavior Issues and What to Do

They’re our best friends, but there’s a lot we don’t understand about dogs. Learn about common dog behaviors, the natural instincts behind them, and how to manage those behaviors that aren’t so fun to live with.

Kitty Concerns

Kitty Concerns: Common Behavior Issues and What to Do

We love cats, but sometimes we don’t understand them! Learn about common cat behaviors and the natural instincts behind them. Get some tips on how to work with your feline friend to make everyone comfortable and content.

Wags to Whiskers

Wags to Whiskers: Animal Communication

Uncover the unspoken language of your pets by learning how to interpret animal body language and get some tips for effective communication.
Caring for Exotic Pets
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Ready for a Rabbit

Are You Ready for a Rabbit?

Are you thinking of adding a bun to your family? Get all the info you need to be a great bunny parent! Understand how to best house, feed, and interact with a rabbit so you are prepared.

Ready for a Slider

Are You Ready for a Red-Eared Slider?

Many families add red-eared slider turtles to their families during the summer. But what do these aquatic animals need? Learn all about these animals and how to care for them.

Bearded Buddies Title Screen

Bearded Buddies

This lovable lizard is often chosen by first-time reptile owners for their easy-going personality. But make no mistake, they still need special care to thrive! 

SHED Part 2

S.H.E.D: 4 Necessities for Small Pets

Explore the needs (shelter, healthcare, exercise, and diet) of smaller pets: guinea pigs, hamsters, mice, bearded dragons, parakeets, and more!
Enrichment and Training
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Boredom Busters

Boredom Busters for our Canine Buds

Truth: Being bored sucks. Over the years, we’ve bred dogs to do certain jobs and even today they need the challenge of a job well done to have a fully satisfying life. Explore the options to give your dog an outlet for their natural instincts.

DIY Enrichment Title Card copy

DIY Enrichment

Bring snacks (for you and your pet) and bring your craft supplies! Create some easy enrichment items for your furry friends!

Pet Training

Pet Training 101

From basic manners to advanced tricks, we’ll share some tips to help unlock your pet’s potential.

Rainy Day Enrichment - Copy

Rainy Day Enrichment

Are your pets bouncing off the walls? Get some tips and fun game ideas when your whole family is suffering from cabin fever. 

Understanding Enrichment Title Screen

Understanding Enrichment

Enrichment is a fancy word for letting animals do animal things. But what does that mean for our pets? Find out how to give your pet the most fulfilling life possible!
Animal Services
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Adoption Option Title Screen

The Adoption Option

What are the benefits of adopting a pet from a shelter? Learn the issues behind the cute puppies at the pet store and how you can help!


Compassionate Citizen Crash Course

Explore ways you can make a positive difference for animals in your community and beyond. This program discusses prevention of animal cruelty through direct actions and consumer choices we make every day.

Fostering Success copy

Fostering Success

Fostering an animal is very rewarding. It can also be tough. Get advice on how to set your foster animal up for success. Learn about decompression, common stress signs, and how to introduce the new animal into your home.

Helping Homeless Pets

Helping Homeless Pets

You’ve found a stray animal, now what? Understand the reasons animals become lost or surrendered and what you can do to help homeless animals.


Solutions with Animal Services

Learn about the services provided by DuPage County Animal Services and the many ways we protect animals and serve humans.

Paw and Order

Paw and Order

You’ve seen the show, now see the reality. Understand what the DuPage County Animal Control Officers do to protect our community’s animals and people every day. 
Wild Animals
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Feathered Friends Title Card

Feathered Friends

From tiny hummingbirds to enormous eagles, learn all about Chicagoland’s native birds and how we can live peacefully with these wonderful animals.

Our Wild Neighbors Title Screen

Our Wild Neighbors

Separate fact from fiction about Chicagoland’s wildlife. Understand how you can protect these fascinating animals and live in harmony.
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