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Income Survey Methodology

In order to determine the percent of CDBG funds benefiting low and moderate-income persons, it is often necessary to have income data for the specific area affected by the CDBG-financed improvement. In some cases, U. S. Census data may be used, if the area benefited is reasonably coterminous with census tract, block group. In the absence of these convenient data, many applicants will need data collected from a simple survey to substantiate benefit to low and moderate-income persons. Because these surveys will be required of many CDBG applicants, below is a methodology that can be consistently applied to all area benefit projects.

Visit the Low-Moderate Income Data & Maps for more resources.

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  • Methodology for Income Surveys
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    Approved by HUD on 09-24-021
  • Attachment A Income Questionanaire
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    Effective date 05-01-2024
  • Attachment B Sample Cover Letter
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    Effective Date 06-15-2022
  • Attachment C Sample Letter
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  • Attachment D Income Survey Matrix
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    Effective date 05-01-2024
  • Attachment E Income Worksheet
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