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211 DuPage
What is 211 DuPage?


Residents in DuPage County can dial 2-1-1 for information and resources in the County. 211 is a three-digit telephone number that is available 24/7 and 365 days per year.

For a list of resources and social services in DuPage County call 2-1-1 or visit 211dupage.gov.

Residents can also connect to a live representative by texting their zip code to TXT211 (or 898211) to find resources near them. Texting services are available from 8 am to 6 pm, Monday through Friday.  

Visit 211Counts.org to view daily information on the volume of calls and types of requests received.  


Seniors and Adults with Disabilities
Adult Protective Services

Responds to reports of possible abuse, neglect, exploitation, and self-neglect for DuPage County residents that are ages 60 and older or ages 18-59 with a disability, and when there is suspected financial exploitation of persons residing in a long-term care facility. 

Abuse includes physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, financial exploitation, neglect, deprivation, abandonment, and confinement.


  • Reside in DuPage County
  • 18-59 years old with a disability or 60 years and older.

Information or to Make a Report

  • Monday - Friday, 8 am - 4:30 pm, call DuPage County Community Services at 630-407-6500.
  • All other days and times, call the Adult Protective Services After-hours Hotline at 866-800-1409, which is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.
Choices for Care

Helps individuals to explore options for long term care, including home and community-based services. Options that are discussed can include nursing home placement, supportive living facilities, assistive living, in-home services, Community Care Program and Home Delivered Meals.


  • DuPage County Resident
  • Ages 60 and older


Call DuPage County Community Services at 630-407-6500, Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 4:30 pm, to schedule an appointment.

Community Care Program

Helps those 60 years or older with household tasks and personal care, emergency home response systems, and adult day services. 


  • Must be at least 60 years of age
  • Have physical or mental impairments
  • Have less than $17,500 in liquid assets (for one person)

The purpose of this state sponsored program is to help seniors maintain some supportive independence, and to prevent unnecessary nursing facility placement.


After receiving an application, you will be contacted by a case manager who will make an appointment to complete an in-home assessment of the seniors' needs. At that time, financial documents will be needed and a care plan will be made according to the Illinois Department on Aging's guidelines.

Home Delivered Meals Screenings

Program eligibility screening for Meals on Wheels through the DuPage Senior Citizen Council where meals are delivered by volunteers for homebound seniors who are unable to shop, prepare meals, or attend a Senior Dining Center.  A donation towards the cost of the meals will be requested.

After meals begin, a case manager from DuPage County Community Services will make an appointment to make a home visit for a follow-up. 


  • DuPage County Resident
  • Ages 60 and older
  • Homebound and have difficulty in preparing meals due to an illness or disability.


Call DuPage Senior Citizens Council at 630-620-0804.


Long Term Care Ombudsman

Educates residents in long-term care facilities and their family members on their rights and helps to address any issues, and provides information about nursing homes, licensed assisted living facilities, supportive living facilities, payment methods. 

The Ombudsman Program also recruits volunteers as advocates to visit nursing facilities in DuPage County. Volunteers are required to visit an assigned facility once per month.


  • Reside in a long-term care facility in DuPage County.


Money Management

Trained volunteers assist seniors in making decisions about money, including assistance. Volunteers are supervised and monitored by a Money Management Coordinator. Volunteers help with:

  • Sorting mail
  • Balancing checkbooks
  • Making decisions about money


  • Must be at least 60 years of age
  • Must be receiving services from the Community Care Program or Elder Abuse services
  • Be within income guidelines

The Money Management Program is sponsored by the Illinois Department on Aging. 

Senior Health Insurance Program (SHIP)

A free statewide health insurance counseling service for Medicare beneficiaries and their caregivers. SHIP counselors can answer questions and provide information about Medicare.  They also assist beneficiaries to:

•    Compare plans (prescription, Advantage & Supplements)
•    Review coverage
•    Apply for Extra Help
•    File a complaint or an appeal

SHIP counselors are trained by the Illinois Department on Aging.  SHIP is not affiliated with any insurance company and SHIP counselors do not sell or solicit any type of insurance.


•    DuPage County Resident. 
•    All persons with Medicare or Medicare eligible.


Call DuPage County Community Services at 630-407-6500, Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 4:30 pm, to schedule an appointment.

Additional Senior and Persons with Disabilities Resources
Housing Assistance

Housing payment assistance towards security deposit, rent, or mortgage to help keep someone in their home or move into housing if they are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.


Households must be able to meet and document eligibility to qualify. All households must:

  • Live or be moving into DuPage County
  • Be in danger of eviction or foreclosure, or are homeless
  • Be able to document how they will pay their rent and monthly expenses after assistance is received
  • Have a landlord or mortgage company will to work with the program
  • Additional criteria may apply depending on funding

Documents needed

  • Reason for assistance is needed
  • Lease
  • Income documents for all household members
  • Additional documents may be requested

We are a equal housing opportunity provider. More information on fair housing.


Privacy Notice

Additional Housing Resources
Gas and Electric Payment Assistance

Provides help with gas and electric bill for low-income households. 

Learn more about LIHEAP

Furnace Repair

Emergency furnace repair or replacement for homeowners whose furnace is not working or is no longer safe.  

When to Apply

September 1, 2023 - May 31, 2024



Call DuPage County Community Services at 630-407-6500.

Home Energy Improvements

The Weatherization program reduces home energy loss and utility costs by completing home repairs found during the program's home inspection.


  • Households who qualify for LIHEAP and/or are receiving SSI Title IV and XVI or HUD means-tested programs are automatically eligible for Weatherization.
  • Live in DuPage County
  • Income at or below 200% of the federal poverty level (see chart below)
Number of Persons Annual Income
1 person $29,160
2 persons $39,440
3 persons $49,720
4 persons $60,000
5 persons $70,280
6 persons $80,560
7 persons $90,840
8 persons $101,120
9 persons $111,400
10 persons $121,680
11 persons $131,960
12 persons $142,240

*Add $10,280 for each additional household member above 12 persons (annual income)

Energy Savings Measures Provided

  • Air sealing measures to reduce infiltration
  • Insulating walls and attics to recommended levels
  • Weather-stripping exterior doors
  • Testing for safety and efficiency of furnace and water heaters
  • Installation of smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and other health and safety measures as necessary
  • LED light bulbs


If you believe you qualify for the weatherization program, please contact DuPage County Community Services at 630-407-6500 or 1-800-942-9412 or email us at weatherization@dupagecounty.gov.

Additional Utility Resources
Financial Self-Sufficiency
Family Self-Sufficiency

Helps people improve their income, housing, and career.


  • Meet income guidelines
  • Live in DuPage County
  • Be at 18 years of age or older
  • Have at least one child below age 18 living in the household


  • Hold a Housing Choice Voucher from the DuPage Housing Authority

Income Guidelines (Effective 5/1/2024)

Household Size Income
1 $39,250
2 $44,850
3 $50,450
4 $56,050
5 $60,550
6 $65,050
7 $69,550
8 or more $74,000


Contact DuPage County Community Services at 630-407-6500 or 1-800-942-9412 or email fss@dupagecounty.gov.

Privacy Notice

Additional Income and Employment Support Resources
Caregiver and Parenting Resources
Caregiver Resource Center

Offers programs and resources for both the client and caregiver to help keep the resident safe in their home for as long as possible. The caregiver must be unpaid and providing care for

  • Person(s) 60 years or older  
  • Adult(s) with Alzheimer’s or related disorders 
  • Someone who is 18-59 years old with a disability where the caregiver is 60 years or older 
  • Minor children being raised by a caregiver who is 60 years or older

Assessment & Screening

Are you a caregiver for someone over the age of 60? Complete the TCARE Assessment to create an individualized care and resource plan to help improve stress and resource coordination. A TCARE Case Manager will follow-up with you within 72 business hours. 

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance may also be available to caregivers as described above. Services may include respite care, home modification, assistive devices, and transportation. 

To apply, call Intake & Referral at 630-407-6500 or 800-942-9412 and provide both the caregiver and client's information. The Case Management Team will contact you for further assessment and to determine eligibility. We will work with the caregiver and client to create a plan of care.  

Parent Education

Court ordered parenting course for divorcing and never-married parents. 

  • The mandated course is available via online delivery.
  • Mandatory 4-hour seminar
  • Encourages parents to develop a way to relate to each other that keeps their children out of conflict
  • Motivates parents to focus on the best interests of their children
  • Emphasizes the need for parents to set aside personal differences in order to provide the healthiest environment possible for their children
  • Focuses on developing a “business-like” relationship between parents
  • Family Center Contact Card (PDF)

Options for parent education

Educación de los Padres

  • El curso mandato está disponible en español a través de la entrega en línea
  • Motiva a los padres a concentrarse en los mejores intereses de sus hijos
  • Hace hincapié en la necesidad de que los padres dejen a un lado las diferencias personales con el fin de proporcionar el entorno más saludable posible para sus hijos.
  • Se enfoca en el desarrollo de una relación “empresarial” entre los padres.
  • Online Co-Parenting Course (CPC) - Español - Divorcing Parents

Learn more about the Family Center

Additional Information

Parent Mediation

Parents work with a counselor to develop a parenting plan that supports the well-being of the child(ren).

  • A confidential process wherein parents meet with a neutral third party, a trained Mediator
  • Explores the nature and extent of parenting time shared by each parent
  • Encourages parents to identify and prioritize the concerns and needs of their children
  • Assists parents in negotiating a Parenting Plan that will best meet the needs of all family members
  • Available by court order only

Mediation provides a forum in which parents can work together to provide their children with the most stable family environment as possible.

Learn more about the Family Center

Neutral Exchange of Children

A neutral place to exchange the custody of a child(ren).

Parent Waiting Rooms

  • Provides a safe, conflict free, child-friendly environment in which a child’s movement between parents is supervised
  • Facilitated by trained professionals
  • Allows for staggered arrival and departure times so that no contact between parents occurs
  • Provides documentation to the Court regarding the nature of exchanges
  • Security personnel on site
  • Neutral exchanges are conducted per court order: Monday through Tuesday by appointment only, Wednesday through Friday 4 pm-8:30 pm, Saturday 8:15 am-noon, Sunday 3 pm-8 pm

The Neutral Exchange Site offers safety and manages potential conflict when parents are exchanging their children for parenting time.

Learn more about the Family Center

Transitional Exchange

Provides a place to exchange custody of a child, helps in conflict resolution, and assists in communication between legal teams and the court.

The purpose of the Transitional Exchange Program is to provide professional support to the family as well as knowledge to the court while a family transitions to a different parenting plan or transitions away from court involvement. Often families move from one parenting time schedule to another with little or no difficulty. Sometimes, though, families need assistance with the transition to a different, often less restrictive, schedule. The Transitional Exchange Program can provide that assistance by developing relationships with parents and children, assisting with communication, aiding in conflict resolution and communicating to court and attorneys when necessary. In the Transitional Exchange Program, the process is very similar to the Neutral Exchange process -- the movement of children from one parent to the other is facilitated by Family Center staff and no contact between parents occurs. The Transitional Exchange Program builds in additional time and staff involvement to help the family transition. Family Center staff engages with the children and with each parent separately so that issues can be identified and addressed. If ordered by the court to do so, the Family Center provides the court with a written report regarding observations and issues identified by the family.

The Transitional Exchange Program is designed to be short-term. Families are involved with this program for approximately three months and then may no longer use the Family Center or may move on to the Neutral Exchange Program.

Learn more about the Family Center

Supervised Parenting Time

Provides parents with supervised time with their child(ren).

  • Provides the non-residential parent with a way of spending parenting time with his/her child(ren)
  • Provides a safe, conflict free, and neutral environment for parenting time
  • Establishes, re-establishes, or maintains a familial relationship
  • Ensures the child’s welfare, facilitates transitions, and addresses fears of one or both parents
  • Submits objective documentation to the Court

The purpose of Supervised Parenting Time is to assist in establishing or furthering a strong and healthy parent/child relationship.

Learn more about the Family Center

Conflict Management Course

A conflict management group for parents.

PEACE Program

The PEACE Program is a conflict management group for high conflict parents. Through role playing, skill training, peer coaching, and supervised practice, parents are taught appropriate communication techniques and conflict management skills so they can protect their children from the negative effects of parental conflict. The program is comprised of two-hour group sessions that occur one time per week for eight weeks. Parents attend sessions together and work on issues that create ongoing conflict. Upon completion of the PEACE Program, parents will have learned: conflict management skills, communication methods, effects of high conflict on children and alternatives to returning to court. Our hope is that with the help of the PEACE Program, parents will give their children permission to love both parents and will use the skills they acquire to reduce conflict for the sake of their children.

Learn more about the Family Center

Additional Caregiver and Parenting Resources
Ride DuPage

Assistance for DuPage County residents who need transportation for medical appointments and/or social services.


If you need transportation assistance for medical appointments, DuPage County Community Services, and/or DuPage County Health Department, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Must live in DuPage County
  • Must have a disability or be at least 60 years of age
  • Be at or below 200% federal poverty level
  • For non-seniors/disabled, must be at or below 125% of the federal poverty level


If you need transportation for additional needs, such as errands and social activities, you must apply for the Senior Services Ride DuPage Program. To apply to this program, you must live in DuPage County and be at least 60 years of age.


Call DuPage County Community Services at 630-407-6500.

Additional Transportation Resources
Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) Scholarship

Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) Scholarship 
The Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) Scholarship is designed, in cooperation with the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity, to provide financial assistance to low-income and disadvantaged persons of high academic attainment or potential, with preference given to applicants of racial or ethnic minorities. Scholarships will go toward providing formal education or occupational training in an accredited Illinois educational institution to CSBG-eligible clients, with particular consideration given to study in high technology areas or other growth occupations. Education and training made possible through the scholarships include either general education to achieve short-term training (2 years or less) in growth occupation skills, or general post-secondary education. This is a competitive scholarship. Not all applicants who are eligible will be chosen as a recipient. The Scholarship Committee of the CSBG Administrative Board will determine the recipients and forward their recommendations to the full board.


  • CSBG income-eligible, see enclosed guidelines on application
  • DuPage County resident.
  • Enrolled or accepted at an Illinois accredited higher educational or occupational training institute
  • Applicants must have a minimum 2.5 GPA on a 4.0 scale. 


  • This award will be retracted if it causes a reduction in any other financial aid
  • This award will be retracted if not utilized entirely for educational related purposes
  • If you are pursuing a master’s degree or attending a professional school, do not apply.
  • Staff will communicate with the applicant only.


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