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DuPage Care Center


Janelle Chadwick
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Care Center History

From Past to Present, Celebrating 135 Years of Dedicated Service to DuPage County Residents!

The DuPage Care Center was originally built in 1888 as the County Alms House, or poor farm, for the indigent.  It was known as the "county farm" which eventually led to the naming of the road the facility resides on today.  The residents were initially known as inmates and farmed the 217-acre parcel which included a heard of dairy cattle.  The farm produced most of the food necessary to feed the residents.  In return for the work of the residents, they were provided shelter and board.  While some residents of the farm maintained the facility as a permanent retirement home, a majority of residents were transient and regularly traveled to and from alms houses/farms in other counties.  It wasn’t until the 1930’s that the DuPage Care Center began operating as a nursing facility.  At that time, the facility was taking in individuals that required health care as a result of tuberculosis.  The name of the facility was changed to the DuPage County Convalescent Home in 1942.  Farm operations continued until 1954 when the focus of the farm permanently transitioned to healthcare.     

The facility has undergone renovations in 1900, 1949, 1964, 1974 and 1995 and consists of five connected buildings.  The facility will embark on a renovation in 2023.  

Today the facility, known as the DuPage Care Center, is a modern, well equipped, professionally staffed, treatment and rehabilitation centers for individuals requiring 24-hour complex medical care.  The facility is licensed for 368 beds, with approximately 70% of the beds occupied by Public Aid recipients.  Staff focus on providing the best possible quality of life for the residents.  

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