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Spiritual Care and Services

Spiritual Care and Services

Care Center ChapelA full-time chaplain is available to provide pastoral care and counseling to all residents and their loved ones. The chaplain is generally in the building Sunday through Thursday and is available on call for emergency situations at any time.

While residents are encouraged to remain involved in their own congregation’s life, we recognize that it is frequently not possible to attend one’s own faith community for worship. Therefore, the DuPage Care Center offers a variety of religious services, and all are welcome to attend. All faiths are welcome and clergy members are invited to visit.  


A multi-faith chapel is available for residents, family and staff for prayer and meditation.  Plants, stained glass windows and a beautiful quilt add to the serenity of the room. The chapel is available 24-hours a day.


The Rosary is prayed as a group on Mondays at 10 a.m. in the Recreation Room lead by a team of volunteers.


Units/ Neighborhoods within the Care Center have devotions on alternate weeks lead by the chaplain. The style varies, depending on the interests of the participants.

Monthly Memorial Service 

An inter-faith memorial service is held most months on a Sunday afternoon to honor those residents who have passed away and to help with the grieving process of family, residents, staff and volunteers. Family members of the deceased are invited to attend.

Family and friends are invited to join their loved ones for worship here. We are always in need of help transporting residents to and from services. If you would like to help, or should you have questions or concerns about religious programming, please contact the chaplain’s office at 630-784-4262.

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